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Why am I cynical of helping others or fighting for causes?

I know that I have good intentions but I am also conscious of other unintended consequences of being helpful and being principled. I feel like I'm so superficial, egoistic, and self-centered. Can I remove this feeling of malice in service? I hate myself for knowing the reward of service. How do I serve without being conscious of its reward. I don't want service to be like a high.

Although, I know what it felt like to be the one being served. I felt embarrassed that I had to be helped by other people. But, I was also grateful because it helped us and our family financially and economically. And now I have the upper hand, I want to serve but I wish not to make it a drive for my own personal satisfaction. Because I know that is wrong and I hate it that I'm conscious of it. Ughh I'm so frustrated. I know that life is not about me but I cant help it. Anyone who know what I mean? I need your wisdom. Please :(

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  • 2 months ago

    We never do anything that doesn't benefit us on some level: love, pity, duty, honour etc. It's human nature. If you abide by one rule, it will guide your actions. Don't do to others what you hate done to you. Try serving anonymously every now and again. Feeling good about serving is Ok. 

  • 2 months ago

    Because you may not feel brave

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