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Why do parents think they're entitled?

How wrong you are. The truth is: baby-boomers were raised

under a slave-system where you were taught college was the  

key to success; and is not applicable in todays' world. You have  

been lied to on every possible level. We already have star-trek  

replicators that can create food/power/clothing out of thin-air. We  

owe you nothing. You owe us a world without money, or at least  

give us the opportunity to create one. I'd slap the entitlement out 

of my parents if I could get away with it.

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    How refreshing!  

    The slave-system and the lies need to go to usher in the "world without money".    Successful people seem to reek of power that is very seductive.  The problem is that we still need successful "power people" (like your parents) to counteract the "bad guys".   There are Yankee gangsters (bad guys) who are ecociding the planet and making the world uninhabitable for anyone other than slaves.  When all the natural environment (and agrarian society) is gone, we might have to rely on their urban monetized system.  At that point, there would be "no escape" and they know it.  The parents worked together as a team, but the team has become corrupted and the national treasury has been plundered and the fruits of our fathers' labors have been stolen.

    Heroes once toiled for national treasures for posterity, and for the world's benefit.

    Quick profit and ponzi schemes are what wage-slaves now strive for - and everybody's in a fix.

    Industry, by definition, increases efficiency by maximizing profits and minimizing benefits given.

    It's not nice to fool team-players. 

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    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The 1% is always going to need support staff, and that knowledge based staff is going to be in the 10%. Those few are going to be college educated, but not in a specific skill for a specific job. Chances are they will have a background in Philosophy, Engineeering, Sociology or interntional relations. They will have learned to think outside the box, and be able to problem solve and suggest alternative actions to any given situation. And if you can't become that, plumbers and elctricians make a decent living. If you want to be a fashion merchandising or art history major, get used to saying "would you like fries with that?"

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