I'm looking for some Korean Song (Not Necesarrily K-Pop) with...?

So Its been weeks and I can't find the type of songs that I'm looking for. I literally searched the popular Korean Vocals yet I can't find a song that meet my standards. I have been looking for something similar to Hwa Sa's "Orbit" ( The King: Eternal Monarch OST Part 2) or AKMU's "Chantey". I tried searching on Ailee's songs but I can't find something similar. I also did it on IU and Taeyeon. I am trying my best here just to find a song please!!!

I don't necessarily stan them its just that I happen to like most of their songs Also I want good Production (like the Music itself) and some heavy/powerful vocals and If your going to comment Day6 I like them but I don't think that I will put them in that category.

I know I'm not organizing the text but you get the idea (SORRY)

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