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Evil Eye Jewelry?

I am interested in an evil eye necklace, but I have heard that I should only wear one if I have it gifted. Is this true? I have also heard that if I do get it myself that I should have it blessed, who do I go to to get it blessed if I end up getting it for myself? I am a strong believer in things like this, but I have no family around to teach me or educate me more on these type of topics. 

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    When I visited Turkey, the explanation of eye symbols was that the Turks were superstitious that the blond, blue-eyed people who lived around the Black sea had special powers, and could curse their lives if they stared at a Turk. The remedy was the evil eye, that supposedly nullified the power of the blonde folk. So it is in effect, the result of two baseless superstitions. I think you can wear it without any fear, as there is no spiritual intent in it's origin.

  • Let's clear up the superstition issue first . Blessing and curses are superstitions .

    So is *it has to be a certain way .  Being a strong believer isn't a attribute and most likely teaching anything on superstition is pointless . I think i just proved that . 

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