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Help in english language?


I have just started a new job in an international school in turkey. Its only temporarily as the one thats responsible is sick for sometime. I am not that good in english writing, i mean professionally... so probably i am not so good at the job. Its something we turkish people suck at, because we do not have enough english lessons at schools. 

my question is: i need to write a document for a student here that have been at school year 2019/2020 and did not pass any of subjects, also he paid the total tuition fee of 9000 usds. Lets call the student ABC. Can someone help me write a good one professionally? 

sorry for my bad english.....

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  • John P
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    4 weeks ago

    Is there no native speaker of good British or American English near where you are who could help you?  A face to face discussion of what you want to say would help you so much more quickly, and better linguistically.

    Note capitals for adjectives of country.  Also applies for Turkey and Turkish!  Note also capital ' I ' for yourself, not ' i '.

    You have at least learned the informal American expression 'to suck at'. Never use that in formal writing or speech. It is not a British expression.

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