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Will I decrease height if I’m working out? Is 5,6 height normal for a girl?


Thankyou y’all and I’m not really decreeing height but sometimes I go from 5,6 🥺to 5,5 idk how 

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    No. Working out is healthy (provided you don't overdo it). It will not impact your height.


    The average height for an adult woman in the US is about 5'4" so at 5'6" you are slightly above average, but not "tall". 

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     5'6, is actually above average for a girl,(5"4 is average  for a  girl but your height really depends on how how tall  your parent's are, if you work out you will get fitter and possibly buffer, but not loose height  that happens usually in your 50's to 60's.

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    It is not possible to go from 5/6 to 5/5 for a young healthy person. 5 foot 6 might be considered taller for a girl, many are shorter 👍

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    If that happens, then something is really wrong. Yes, 5'6" is totally normal for a girl.

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    No height is determined by leg bone length. Working out doesn’t shrink that 

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