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Are there still people in Germany old enough to remember Nazi Germany  ?

They'd be between their late eighties and early hundreds by now depending on whether they were ten at the time, or twenty at the time, or twenty five at the time.


Most of them would probably be too difficult to interview now, because when you're that old your mind and body aren't really all there, but back in the 1980s or 1990s when they were still in their sixties or seventies it would have been interesting to see an interview with those people to ask them why they chose to follow such an evil dictator 

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    do you think about the bad times in the past in the midst of an even worst thing?

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    There are so many things wrong with your question

     Yes there are people in Germany who are old enough to remember Nazi Germany. There are Germans in the United States who are old enough. My father was about six when the War ended. It's pointlessly mean to ask if people remember and then add the update or edit that their mind isn't all there. But worst is saying that you want to ask them why they "chose" to follow such an evil dictator. Not everyone there "chose" that any more than people here now "chose" Trump. He lost the popular vote by 3 million. The vast majority of us voted against him. My father's 81 and can remember Nazi Germany just FINE. 

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    Yes, there are people.

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    The war ended in 1945. If you are 80 now, you would have been 5 years old then. So an 85-year-old would have been 10-years-old. 

    There were history programs from the 1970s that featured interviews of people then in their 50s. Albert Spear, the armaments Minister gave a lot of talks and wrote books about that era. He made a  good living as an ex--Nazi.

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    Yes. And they know first hand it was infinitely better than the current Germany full of subhumans and no freedom.

  • garry
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    yes of course there is , people live till there 90 you know . work it out war ended and you 15 at the time.

  • Anonymous
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    Yes, sure. But the number of these people is declining..."they" equals in that case 33 % of the German voters in the last free elections of (November) 1932, the last elections where all German parties still existed.

    There are many books written on why this strong minority voted for Hitler in 1932. There are a number of factors, but the main important factor by far is that all democratic parties were unable to deal with the Great Depression and its consequences  (millions of people became unemployed). Besides, even then nobody had a crystal ball of what would happen. It is easy to see it from now, since now we have information how it all developed.

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    The people alive now were probably small children in Hitler's Reich.

    There are written narratives by people who were adults then.  See below.

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    i think there might still be some there

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