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Are werewolves becoming the new zombie?  Why are werewolves so popular like they never were?

Is "werewolf" a brand new genre all of a sudden?

The New Mutants, Zombies 2, 100% Wolf, Hunter’s Moon, I Am Lisa, Cyborg Vs Wolfvet, Liwa All Saints Eve, Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood, V chornati kroni krannti, 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3000, George Romero Is Done For, Lycanimator, Violet Thicket and Beast Within all from 2020 plus Vikinghevert, Swordhart, Queen Of Hybrids, The Wolf Man, AAWIL, We’re Wolves, Dog Soldiers 2, Underworld reboot, Godzilla vs Wolfman, Curse, In The Shadow Of The Moon, Darker Than You Think, Bristled, The Last Moon, The Skin Trade, Hunger Rise Of The Bloodmoon, One Starry Night, Beasts Within, Full Moon Fever, Empire Of The Wolf, Werecreature Chronicles, Legend Of Charmsword, Cult Movie, The Beast, Rise Of The Shewolf, The Wolfwoman, Blondeye Ninja, Lake Villa Vampires, Hunters, The Ghouly Boys, Welcome To Hoxford, Werewolf Scouts, Legend Of The Wa Ya, Toothache, Dark Thirst, Pumpkin Moon, Finding The Werewolf, Ms Clark, Ini Stoglin, Savage Beast, Welcome To Welloak and Turn which are coming out in 2021 and beyond

I also heard about how werewolves are increasing in popularity, lately.  In the 2000s it was vampires.  In the 2010s it was zombies which was better.  In the 2020s now werewolves, would you say 2020 is the year werewolves rise on the mainstream?  I know people always liked this but werewolves appear everywhere now!  Why?  They don’t exist!  So do you think werewolves are beginning to start a fad/trend?


I sorta like werewolves though but I hate that Everything has to be Werewolf!  I also notice the word "werewolf" everywhere now.

Update 2:

Also do you think Splinter in TMNT 2003 looks like a werewolf instead of a rat?  He even looks like Rahzar.

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    It's not like they haven't always been popular.

    Regarding your time frames - the first Underworld movie came out in 2003.  And remember "Team Edward/Team Jacob?"

    But either way, popular horror themes - particularly monsters - tend to come and go in waves.

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    It's not a new thing.  The werewolf has always been a classic character in monster fiction.

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    Not new. It goes it cycles/fads. Did you forget Twilight? In the early 2000s werewolves were popular.

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    Gee I hope not but from what I have read/heard; Yes.  I'm sick of werewolves and they're starting a fad.

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