Masters in music/Biology ?

If I were interested in a masters degree in music education, but have a bachelors in biology, would that matter in the sense or prerequisites/qualifications for the masters degree? Or do I need undergrad in music?

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  • MS
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    1 month ago

    That depends on the specific master's program, but you would need significant background in music AND education in order to get a master's in music education.  You could like get a master's in education (or what is commonly called an MAT now - Master of Arts in Teaching) in biology since you have a degree in that.  But I doubt you'd be able to do anything wtih music education without significant background in both.

  • 1 month ago

    Expect you really need a bachelor's in music to teach music. You simply do not have sufficient background in the field to teach. 

  • 1 month ago

    The requirements for getting a master's degree are set up the university that issues the degree.  Normally there will be classes that you have to have complete in the area in which you want to get your master's degree before you can get into a master's program.  

    All colleges require certain core classes, things like English Composition, a basic math class, a science class that includes a lab, certain number of credits in a humanity, etc.  That are 95% the same for any degree.  You should have those already with your biology degree.

    But then they also require you to take classes that are specific to your major.  For a music major this would be classes related to things like reading music, theories on music composition, either vocal (singing) or instrument playing classes, etc.  And usually you have to have credits from either performing with a choral group or playing in an orchestra.

    It is unlikely that you have those credits, unless you minored in music while getting your biology degree.  Without those credits, no masters program is going to accept you as a student.  That would be like offering a master's degree program in biology to someone who has only taken classes in history.  They would lack the foundation needed to do masters level biology work.

    You need to look at the requirements for the school from which you want to get your masters degree and see what additional classes you may need.  You may be surprised at how many of the required classes you already have.  You might have to take a year or two of "music" classes to complete a bachelor's in that before you can start a master program.

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