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Do I have to learn computer engineering along with electronic engineering if I want to design computers?

I have 2 years of high school left but I have decided what I want to do. My interest is designing all kinds of circuits, electronics, and devices. (currently, I'm 18, I did not fail but I'm not gonna get into why I got unlucky). I also want to learn how to design the circuitry of computers (not necessarily PC but computers with different porpuses). Is electronic engineering enough or do I have to learn some computer engineering (obviously not every circuit is a computer)? If studying both at the same time is difficult I could settle for electronic engineering and design simpler circuits.

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    A 4 yr BS degree in Electrical Engineering, 

    will cover everything you'll need to know to design digital, analog 

    & microprocessor systems & analysis & some software.

    A 2 yr Asso degree will be a little more limited & specialized. 

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    YES, IT IS A MUST !!!!

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    Enroll in computer engineering, they will teach it all to you.

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  • Dixon
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    You don't need computer engineering to build computers as such, a good electronic engineer with an interest in computer hardware could put a computer together. If you study computer engineering you will see a broader computing picture than just how to put a tower system together but if your real interest is electronics in general, then go for that. 


    The reality is that whatever job you get there will be a lot of getting up to speed with what that company does and no one is going to ask you to build them a computer on your first day. 


    Also, any hobby stuff you can do such as, making a "lego" computer from standard parts will teach you a great deal and be good CV material.

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    I sounds like you want to get an advanced degree--masters or higher--in systems engineering, which is what my brother did for a living. (He had the doctorate, as did most of his colleagues.) His work was to design computer systems, not their programs, for business, industrial, and other non-personal uses.

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