pregnancy symptoms?

I had my period 3 weeks ago. When starting a new pack I realized I was a day off. I normally start on a Monday and this new pack was starting on Sunday. I dont know what happened. Along with that I forgot to take my pills at the start of the new pack for 2 day. So on Tuesday and wed. I doubled up. Now 2 weeks in i have had severe breast pain for going on 7 days with no end in sight. Im also getting slight twinges over my right overy area. Im suppose to get my period next week Thursday. So for all you mamas put there please let me know what you think. Pregnancy or just hormones from messing up on the pill?


correction. I had my period 2 weeks ago

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  • 1 month ago

    lets w8 for few more days....

  • 1 month ago

    For the vast majority of women there are no (zero) "symptoms" of pregnancy before a missed period.  There can be may side effects of taking hormonal brith control.  I would suggest that your issues are from doubling up your pills (increasing the amount of hormones in your body) or due to some other health issue.  Feel free to contact your ob/gyn to discuss our symptoms and how you've been missing your pills.

    Being a day late or missing one pill is very, very unlikely to change the effectiveness of birth control pills.  Missing several pills in a row will.  

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