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Can anyone tell me if Snowflake stock is any good?

Also can you tell me any more about the company than what is on the website?  I'm thinking of investing in their stock.  Seems like any other computer company to me but my sister thinks it's a good investment but I noticed she only invests in computer companies isn't that like putting all your eggs in one basket...  I'm not that interested in taking her advice... But a stranger...


A stranger may tell me something completely different to invest in the market.  I'm not wealthy by any means but I can set aside a little something every month to invest.  What do you think is a good stock to buy.

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    Snowflake was discussed a lot in two financial podcasts that I listened to on Saturday.

    The overwhelming though was that it was currently very overpriced.

    The company has never been profitable but the stock is trading at $230 a share.

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    With no knowledge of individual stocks, and the fact you're asking for advice here, if you invest you should be looking at mutual funds or ETFs.   Find one or more that are in the industry you're interested in or get a well diversified one.  

    Snowflake is likely overpriced and will likely drop before it gains.  The gamble is that it will turn a profit and continue its momentum in the market or that it gets bought by a google or similar company.  It's a gamble.  10 years from now people will be wishing they never invested or bragging about how smart they were (when really 95% of them got lucky).

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    What are YOUR criteria for choosing stocks?   

    If you have none, then you need to get yourself a basic investing education.  

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