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Is it okay to wear my glasses again ?

I just up and stopped wearing my prescription glasses in January and haven't worn them all this time. My eye sight is well enough to not wear them I guess but still bad enough to be given a prescription when I go to the eye doctor. The question being : Do I need my eyes reevaluated or can I just start wearing my glasses that I haven't worn in 8 months ?? 


I'm going to be 29 in November. 

I stopped wearing them to see if sun gazing, less screen time, good nutrition and eye exercises would change my vision for the better. 

I've gotten really used to not wearing them but randomly tossed them on to see how I could see through them..felt weird on my eyes but seeing super clear again made me feel like I should just bring them back. 

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    This depends how old you are.  If you are an adolescent, you are growing and changing and so are your eyes.  If you are an adult, your eyes are probably pretty stable and wearing them would depend on what makes you feel comfortable.  

          Is there a reason why you stopped wearing them ? And is there a reason why you decided to wear them again. ?

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    Yes you should be wearing them all the time! Even if it is a mild prescription, it wont hurt to always wear them!

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    You would normally get an eye exam every year or two.  Take it from there.

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