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People say the IQ tests don't measure real intelligence...?

...and you can be a genius at say auto mechanics or a music genius, etc and fail an IQ test and even be barely able to read or write so academic intelligence is really meaningless. If that's true, then why have I never heard about any of those people? Ever?

Super specialized geniuses who are basically handicapped in all other areas of life?

Rainman is fictional and doesn't count.

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    We just need a standard. Unfortunately we don't agree yet. Higher education is generally Marxism indoctrination. Why would anyone with a high IQ be left of center?

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    I have known some people with a very high IQ - even one of my kids was found to be one! One thing they all have in common is that while they're 'highly intelligent' they're really stupid about basic common sense! 

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    1/ not everyone does IQ tests. Thus Beethoven, Mozart etc. may or may not have scored high on the test

    2/ I studied intelligence as part of my degree in psychology. There are many forms of IQ test. I scored 138 on the usual, however, 200 on the visual. This is probably because I am dyslexic.

    3/ read up:

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    everybody wants to #1 @ something

    iq test were developed so academics' could judge each other. unfortunately there is no universal ad-aptitude test

    ad-aptitude= 'correctness' of adaptation


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  • 1 month ago

    Google "Adam ruins everything" and IQ tests. he did a half hour show on the subject, and explains it all.

    I already knew some of it, but he gives references if you want research to back up what he says.

    Now they have a "personality" test too, which gives a doctor certain traits you have, like being a introvert. I've never like getting advice based on a label.

  • garry
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    1 month ago

    its true , its a set of questions that are  refered to , actual intelligence cant be measured . smart people dont realise what love is while the not so smart know .

  • 1 month ago

    Not being smart enough to pass an IQ test, I gave it up.  Why stress?  It is all too complicated for me and I know it.  I don't even try to play it any other way.  I wouldn't even know where to begin.    

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They're upset that they didn't get a high score. It hurts the ego. 

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    Many years ago when I was in college, I questioned a Humanities prof. about the same thing. This guy liked to label were an introvert, an extrovert, a this or a that. I hated being labeled and I didn't care much for this class. He swore the tests were accurate. I asked him if it came down to a life or death situation, could he or would he be able to trust someone with his life that couldn't read well enough to take his IQ test? He said no he couldn't if this person never made the effort to learn to read. I said, that's good to know, so if our plane ever goes down in Africa, you can ask the smartest person on the plane what to eat and how to get out of the jungle, I'll ask the teenage native. He said, Oh that's different..blah, blah. I said, "Okay, who would you rather be lost out in the middle of the forest with me or Hillary Clinton?" He started saying something and I told him to stop. I said its a trick question, if you were with me, you wouldn't be eff'in lost. We argued all the time. Sometimes I could see his point, other times, not even a little. The kid in the jungle never had a need to learn how to read and write, but that didn't make him dumb. But Prof Campbell had years and years of education, but would probably be dead within 24 hours if left in a jungle, but he is considered highly intelligent? Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's dropped out of school when he was 15, and Bill Gates is another fairly successful guy that decided he had enough education early on. I don't think either of those two are dumb. Do you want to go down the list of famous "over educated idiots"? Think of the Obama's walking thru the gate with an umbrella and couldn't figure it out, and he went to Harvard Law and Occidental. Sorry if he's your guy, its just a really good example that the most educated, aren't always the smartest. Education doesnt make you intelligent, nor does a lack of it make you dumb. Its the ability to learn...If the kid in the jungle couldn't learn from his elders to "Not eat the red frog" or he would be dead and there is no greater test than that. Sorry for the long winded answer, hope this helps.

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  • 1 month ago

    They do not.Like you said you can be a genius at other things.

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