Why would it be fallacious to think of the brain as : "That which metabolizes sensory data"?


Why not in a biological sense? There are neuro-cells, with input and output functions.

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    "Meta-bolism" is that which changes incoming or outgoing.  If one doesn't know how to go in or come out, "meta-bolism" assumptively = a physiological process.  Your question poeticizes that process, and asks why such a poeticization would be an incorrect extension of meaning:  in effect, you are seeking a tautologcal status for your poetical contingency.

    Kant's position re processing 5-sense data is reductive in that Verstand/Dianoia/understanding is limited to human agency for making truth-claims about a given 5-sense data set.

    Given Maxwell's 19th century physics, as upgraded by quantum field theory, the electromagnetic field changes which produce 5-sense data sets of photons, etc., are causal to the processes which assign truth-claims as human-level analogies to emf events.

    Given the more fundamental quantum processes which constitute the human 5-sense truth-claiming, your contingency cannot be reduced to a tautology.

  • The brain converts stimuli interacting with the nerves in various places from various sources into actionable strategies. These strategies come together into a complex structure which eventually results in the production of something called awareness and identity which together become consciousness. Along with the self there is a scheme of symbolic entities which together become ‘the world’. The world is categorically bigger but subjectively smaller than the self. The world conceptually contains the self, but perceptually it is just a concept produced in the mind along with self itself to itself. 

    The brain perhaps is like a fingerprint with grooves which take on the form of self and world and through which chemical and physical reactions take place. Like oil on the surface of the ocean we float. Knowing only the skin of the truth but not it’s depths. Knowledge exists in the confines on subjective awareness and is limited to it. It is the substratum on which it operates. It is objectivity which must be described to become a simulation of unlimited awareness. 

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    I dont know enough about it to the contrary to make a conformed analysist.

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    As a metaphor, perhaps, but not in its biological sense. 

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