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I forgot to go to traffic school after I got a ticket for an accident, what will happen to me? ?

So about a year ago I got into a small fender bender and was ticketed, and told in court that I needed to go to drivers ed and I had a year to do it. I was also given a hefty fine which I paid in full. I forgot to go to the drivers ed course because I moved in the meantime (also forgot to notify the court of this but have proof that I moved). I just got a summons that said I have to go back to court for failure to complete the drivers ed course and on the summons it said they are going to request jail time, which seems extreme to me. I live in Colorado, what are the chances I will actually go to jail and if not what will happen to me? 


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    It depends, thanks to the pandemic.  You could be looking at jail time, or just a fine.  You're also looking at losing points and probably losing your insurance.  If you do keep the insurance, expect a huge rate increase.

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    You "forgot" complete the driver's education course.  The court may accept your moving excuse but I wouldn't count on it.

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