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What is the meaning of the word "the?"?

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    It's a definite article unlike indefinite articles "a" and "an".

    The use of "the" implies the additional stress put on nouns.

    Example,      The book you're searching has been sold.

       Use of indefinite articles A and AN

      There is a boy playing football in the field.(no apparent stress is put here, I.e. the use of A)

     An umbrella has to be bought immediately because of the torrential rain. (Here too no extra stress is put on AN)

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    It can mean a lot of things in detail, but the general meaning is that some thing specific is being discussed but not saying which particular one it is (the thing), rather than any old thing (a thing), or a particular specific thing (this or that thing).

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    "The" is a definite article. It defines a noun as being that only prominent one of a thing, instead of being just one of many non-descript things. "The" is opposite of "a". Example: "We went to the house." would mean we went to whichever house is prominent (likely the house belonging to the speaker). "We went to a house." would mean going to just any house, or some house unknown.

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    It means that it's time for you to buy a dictionary & LEARN.  

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    I think that you are thinking too far into this 

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