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i feel like im floating/drifting and kind of losing track of time? i dont know what to do?

i feel like i’m floating through time and at points i literally feel physically numb. and i know for a fact this is not a depression thing or anything like that. i’m happy, i have many hobbies and keep busy, but i physically feel numb when i lay down and when i get up and turn on my bed, it’s like i’m floating and drifting??? almost like feeling high.. i’m also having trouble with time and reality?? i wonder if something really just happened or if i imagined it. idk if i’m going crazy what is wrong with me. this literally only started like a week ago. i’m an 18 year old girl and i’m perfectly healthy physically so i dont know what could be causing this.

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    I work with healthy women.  But they have C-PTSD; PTSD, BPD, BD and other concerns.   I don't want a trophy.  But I work with women who deal with how you are feeling now, I get it.

    Someone mentioned: derealisation and depersonalisation I do not know if that is it?. 

      It feels like you are in a video game or movie?  It feels almost robotic.  Sometimes if you imagine a water flow you can see individual drops making rainbows as they splash (it makes time go slow).  While you know who you are, it is like you are in your body or a glass bubble watching reality move around you.  Have you misplaced a few things?  How is time moving?    Sometimes it feels like your body moves itself and you are just there for a ride,

    Is it like that or different?  You just feel floaty?  I worked with 4 women who were gifted/empathic they describe the same thing.  It is one of the things I am very interested in.  Most people don't believe and think thats stupid.  Its ok.  But it starts about 15-18 though you should have noticed hints 11 +  Its energy floating around and through you - alot negative.

    Possibly you are just a troll and made it up as you went, thats ok.

    You could have blood circulation problems or inner ear.  But the heart is what keeps us "not numb or tingly" the ear balances us - could be serious if it keeps happening.

    If there really was no trauma, anxiety or abuse health problems fit best.  If it was one of the other two and you want to talk via email only and nothing more:

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    It's known as derealisation and depersonalisation.

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    We see people here complaining that they are emotionally numb but this is the first time I've seen a complaint like this. I don't know what to tell you. I would definitely call the doctor.

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    You are an attention whore this is why you constantly post this kind of idiocy and post anonymously while doing so.   Otherwise, everyone would see your name and just know that you are the same idiot spewing the same garbage over and over.    Feel free to prove me wrong by showing everyone your posting history on all the accounts you use.

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