Why are republicans claiming an ANTIFA member killed Trump Supporter Aaron Danielson without any provocation in Portland?


Trump Supporter Aaron J. Danielson's family considered him a "freedom-loving American" who drove to Portland, Oregon alongside far-right group Patriot Prayer to take part in the maskless Trump 2020 Cruise Rally in Portland at the suggestion of President Donald Trump to 'liberate' Portland and bring 'law & order'.  Danielson and several of the other participants of the maskless Trump 2020 Cruise Rally were visible armed waving American flags, back the police flags, and Trump 2020 flags went Aaron was shot and killed.  No shooter has been identified.

Additionally I don't believe the story revolving around Patriot Prayer member Shane Moon who suffered non-life-threatening injuries after being bumped by a vehicle owned by Charles R. Holliday-Smith who turned himself into the police as all coverage is from questionable sources.  The footage shows Moon and Patriot Prayer members instigating and threatening Holliday before Charles got in his vehicle where Moon tried to block him from leaving leading to Holliday bumping Moon with his car and leaving.  This is a similar instance of Andy Ngo proud boys stalking and assaulting BLM protesters then claiming the protesters attacked the proud boys.


No shooter has been found for the Compton shooting either.

Update 2:

I don't want to be rude but why do all republicans on the site sound the same, you are all very boorish and churlish.

Update 3:

"Let me guess. You still believe the "Hands up. Don't shoot." narrative of the Brown story."

Doesn't matter a law officer should be able to subdue an unarmed black man without shooting them multiple times, as CNA due on a regular basis with people 3x their size. 

Update 4:

Bill I had not heard that, looking into it.  Michael Reinoehl killed Aaron Danielson in self- defense.  U.S. Marshals and FBI agents murdered Reinoehl because they are as poorly trained as the cops.

Update 5:

If I am incorrect then debunk me like adults.

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    First, you can't be an "ANTIFA member" because it's not an organized group. It's a loose collection of people who have a similar political philosophy. Second, while Michael Reinoehl admitted he shot Danielson, there's a lot of dispute over the circumstances of both Danielson's and Reinoehl's deaths. Partisans on both sides will claim their guy was right and the other guy was wrong, but there's no definitive account yet.

  • Bill
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    Is there somewhere in that mess where you debunked the claim? Also, the shooter is Michael Reinoehl that was shot and killed when the feds were trying to arrest him. He even identified himself as the shooter earlier that same day when he did an interview with Vice. 

    Edit: There is no evidence that Michael Reinoehl acted in self defense. He also pulled a gun on the feds, which is why he was shot and killed. 

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    1 month ago

    Let me guess.  You still believe the "Hands up.  Don't shoot." narrative of the Brown story.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Liberals are evil criminals.

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