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Would you live in a haunted house for 3 years if it means you can get $50,0000,000 in the end?

The thing is, this haunted house does feel creepy.

Every day, you feel like something or someone is constantly watching you, like you are expecting to see a pair of eyeballs just popping out at any moment.

Every so often you’ll hear noises like floor creaking a little bit.

The occasional door opening on their own. 

Also if you were standing at the front patio or whatever during the night time, you’ll occasionally hear a slight sound far in the distance that sound like a woman screaming.

Would you live in this kind of haunted house for 3 years straight if it means you’ll get $50 million?

Here’s the condition:

1) you have to spend every night there for exactly 3 years straight, like January 1st, 2020 to January 1st 2023. 

2) You cannot have more than 2 people over to hang with you at the place. 

3) Your curfew to being in the house is 10pm and cannot leave until 6am the next day.

The only exception to all this is if you need medical attention or if Someone close to you had died or is dying. In which case, the time frame will be temporarily be stopped and altered to fit the remaining duration. 

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    No I wouldn't for any amount of money, I'd rather keep my sanity than go through all that, I'll stay in a haunted house for one night on my own for free but that's my limit.

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