What advice would you give to someone travelling alone?

I plan on doing it in next 2-3 years even if I have to alone because the world is bigger than where I'm from, even if I don't go forever I want to experience it so what advice would you give?

Also, other than if you have no kids or mortgage to pay, are you ever too old to travel?

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  • 1 month ago

    Start with places like the Netherlands. The advantage is that it's familiar enough to get around easily and different enough that there are plenty of interesting things to see and do. The level of english is very high and this can help you build confidence needed to expand to more exotic places. Don't try to overdo things. See what's reasonable in the time you have and save other things to go back some time. Do some research before you go to help you identify how to use local transportation and what you want to see and do. Avoid risky behaviors like partying/drinking a lot especially if you're alone.

  • Keep an an open mind.. A big part of travel is new experiences. don't be afraid to branch out and go off the beaten track.

    Keep safe... Stay aware of your surroundings..if something doesn't feel right don't go for it. Don't flash money or valuables, always look like you know where you are going. Be aware of thieves and local scams...many are disguised as innocuous situations. Check in with loved ones back home periodically.

    Stay organized. Keep any necessary documents, I.Ds etc in order. It is a huge saver always knowing where what you need is. 

    Keep a sense of flexibility. Things often do not go to plan. Mishaps happen ... Learn to be okay with that.  Also never feel you have to purposely stick to a plan. 

    Don't feel as if you have to constantly be doing something. If all you want to do is sit in a hotel room for the day that is perfectly okay. Travel can be as mentally exhausting as it rewarding...breaks are always welcome. 

    Most of all enjoy yourself. 

    You're never too old to travel. :)

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  • TB12
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    1 month ago

    As one that has enjoyed solitary journeys I will tell you this,,

    Be careful, as you would at any time or place, always try to be sure someone somewhere knows where you are, doesn't mean checking in with local police everywhere you go, a short phone call home saying "I'm going here today, call you later"

    Get away from the tourist sites and destinations,, go to the rarely seen places and towns, eat the local food, stay in the small local hotels, talk to the local people,, or try to,, there's usually someone around that speaks a little English

    Enjoy yourself,, forget schedules, forget itineraries, live in the moment,

    But don't be stupid either,, stay away from the places where you know trouble is possible,, unless trouble is what you're looking for,, then understand in a foreign country you're on your own,, contrary to popular belief the local American embassy or consulate really isn't going to help you.

  • Enjoy ..... Meet the people and culture... 

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  • Kin
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    1 month ago

    No, you're never too old to travel. Just be mindful about the places you visit and when it comes to health. Don't travel alone, travel with someone you trust and someone you love. Traveling alone has many dangers and it is better to bring someone. That is the best advice about traveling alone and keep your important documents in a safe place when traveling. Be mindful about your money and possessions when you're going out and don't leave your belongings to strangers. Be mindful about street thieves including small children who do steal from unsuspecting travelers. Be mindful about the cities you visit or anywhere else when it comes to safety and consider whether it is safe to go or not.

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