Why does Satan cause Man to do evil things, what is in it for him and what does he get out of it?

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  • 1 month ago
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    The Bible does not say why the angelic creature who turned himself into Satan did what he did, apart from the idea that he could usurp God's position and cream off worship due to God to himself. That seems to be why he deceived the first woman into thinking she could be like God (despite the fact that God had already created humanity in His image and likeness). It's probably the most egotistical thing in all creation.

    But the Bible is also clear that it is our desires that cause us to give in to temptation to do evil. Wrong desires lead to sin and evil and death. Eve pondered a wrong desire, found it attractive, and ended up sinning against God, and dying. Same with us for we are all children of Eve.

  • Paul
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    1 month ago

    Her cannot "cause" us to do evil things. He can only tempt us to do so. We have free will, and can either reject his temptations or accept them and freely choose to sin.

  • 1 month ago

    VERY simple HE wants to be above GOD and to be worship a task HE has taken in vain and knows it.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Satan knows he will spend eternity in hell.He tries to get all the souls he can to join him there. he has many already.Don;t be one of them

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  • 1 month ago

    Satan does not cause man to do evil things. Man does evil on his own. Satan influences man to do evil. Satan is man's enemy. He thinks he is better than man because God created him out of fire and man out of clay. He is ungrateful to God and wants man to suffer with him in hell. "If I have to burn then you're coming with me." is his motto. He's too arrogant to repent.

  • 1 month ago

    Having made himself miserable forever, he seeks to bring about our misery, too.  Misery loves company.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Satan is 100% EVIL in nature. 

    1. Man is made .. in the image of God.Prior to God creating humans, lucifer-satan was the most beautiful creature in God's creation .. imagine the jealousy. Angels DO NOT look like humans

    2. God is #1 .. to be worshipped by ALL His creation.Lucifer was His topmost angel .. angel #1 .. w highest authority, most beautiful , most intelligent .. by sheer luck. Lucifer did nothing to earn these blessings.

    3. Having recd these gifts w/o earning them , lucifer desires more .. to usurp God .. to be worshipped as god. Immediately, he lost his beauty but became black n ugly. He manage to get 1/3 of angellic population to be on his side .. to war w God .. got booted out of heaven.

    4. Whats in it for satan ?REVENGE. Satan HATES humans. He wants to be our god.Genesis 6.4 .. angels and women mated = nephilim = chinese = dragon symbol = bloodline. Satan wants to RULE THE EARTH. Chinese, demon bloodline .. want EXACTLY the same thing !!!▪︎Notice how chinese gv chinese virus to the world. Yep, malice, pure hate.

    5. What does he get out of it ?

    To see the downfall of humans .. whom God loves SO MUCH TO DIE FOR US .. to see us all in hell .. to spite God.

  • They never told you this when you were in kindergarten teachers?

    Satan gains from having as many human beings as possible in hell, to keep him company, and he gains from being their god!

    @. Misty: the demon that is inside you, has brainwashed you and your heart, he yearns for you in hell, to be in his company.

  • 1 month ago

    Satan is evil.  He is the Devil.  He is the DESTOYER  (1 Corinthians 10:10) he only comes to us to KILL, STEAL and DESTROY (John 10:10).  Jesus told us that Satan was a MURDERER from the beginning and the father of lies (John 8:44)

    The reason is that he is jealous of God's creation - mankind.  He hates God, Jesus Christ and us human beings with a passion and he tried to destroy Jesus and thought he had done so when he entered into Judas  (John 13:27) and we all know what transpired afterward, Judas had absolutely no conscience about betraying the Son of God with a kiss (Luke 22:48). for filthy lucre.

     Jesus knew all about Judas who was going to betray Him (John 6: 70 & 71). But Satan could NOT destroy the Son of God because He is powerful.  He had a plan.  He not only laid down His own life for us, but He had the power to take it up again  (John 10: 17 & 18) and as we know, Jesus rose from the dead.   Satan does not have that sort of power.

    On another occasion, Jesus looked right at His disciple Peter and said, "Get behind me Satan"  (Mark 16:23) - Jesus was calling Peter "Satan" because Peter was SPEAKING SATAN'S WORDS FOR HIM and tempting Jesus not to go to the cross which was His whole purpose for coming here to earth to live amongst us as God in a flesh and blood body (John 1:14) and then to die for us in order to get our sins forgiven, because we couldn't do it.  We needed a perfect sacrifice and Jesus is God and only God is perfect.  Jesus looked right at Peter and said, "Get behind me Satan, for you are an offense to me, for you are not mindful of the things of God but of the things of men" (Matthew 16: 21 - 23)

    Satan even tried to tempt Jesus three times in the wilderness Luke 4: 4,7,12)  and then left Him for a season (until the next time) Luke 4:13 - because that's what the Devil does - he comes back

    Many folks don't believe there is a devil because he is invisible but that's his greatest asset.

    He whispers in the ear of his own (unbelievers in God and atheists and godless folks) and tempts them to steal, kill and destroy and that's how mankind does things on the Devil's behalf.  Satan cannot do them because he is a spirit.  

    He needs a body to rape someone, he needs a body to drive a car drunk and kill someone for him, he needs a body to go mentally insane and knife or shoot someone without cause and Satan is the DESTROYER (1 Corinthians 10:10) so he requires a body - a person to whom one of his devils will whisper telling them to give up and commit suicide because they HEARD VOICES IN THEIR HEAD.  Those voices are evil personified in a devil whispering to them in their inner ear.

    Christians hear God's voice.  Unbelievers are in the kingdom of darkness and hear Satan and his devils' voices and whilst Christians obey God, unbelievers obey the Devil. and his demons.  Those are the only two kingdoms in this world spiritually - evil and good, Satan and God, unbelievers and Christians, etc.

    Satan hates God so much he will do anything to hurt Him by killing us, destroying this world, anything to harm animals children, babies, women - anyone and HE USES HUMAN BEINGS TO DO THESE THINGS FOR HIM.

  • Dv8s
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    1 month ago

    More souls to torture for eternity, taking his mind off of his own damnation.

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