Is low to moderate consumption of corn chips positive or negative in the mediterranean diet?

The mediterranean diet mostly consists of fresh produce and legumes while processed foods are kept to a minimum. Bread is also typically consumed at every meal.

There are two components to my question because I'd like to know what the American opinion is regarding my question but I'd also like to know whether or not a traditional mediterranean native would eat corn chips in their meals.

Are corn chips a valid inclusion to a mediterranean diet? Why or why not?

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    Since corn isn't grown in the Med or consumed much there at all, it would not be a valid part of a Mediterranean diet. You may treat yourself to whatever you choose, but corn chips don't count as part of that specific diet plan. 

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    Corn isn't a mediterranean crop, so no Southern European culture is going to eat any type of corn product from a historical perspective.  Today, corn is grown in Europe, but it isn't a natural part of their diet.

    There isn't an "American option" to the mediterranean diet because that diet is from the mediterranean.  Wheat and beans are readily available in the US, so there is no need to swap out those foods based on availability.Corn isn't healthy. End of story. A lot of the corn today is genetically modified.  ALL corn, like other grains, is high in carbs (because it is a carbohydrate) and natural sugars.  Corn is the source of high-fructose corn syrup water all.Corn/tortilla chips taste great, but they are not only not part of a Mediterranean diet, but not part of any truly healthy eating plan.  You also don't need to eat grains of any kind.  Yes, the mediterranean diet does include bread and pasta and even rice, but none of them are required for health or nutrition.  If you are gluten intolerant, you can simply skip the grains altogether.

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    The Mediterranean diet is a very good diet for health, but can be expensive in the USA and isn't geared towards weight loss.

    When you say "corn chips" most of them are high in sodium and fat.

    Do you mean Fritos and Doritos Nacho, or do you mean a corn tortilla that's baked crunchy, or one that's deep-fried?

    A one ounce, 28 gram serving of typical corn chips is 160 Calories, as about 10 grams of fat, 16 grams of carbs, and 2 grams protein.

    Also gives you 160mg of sodium, and very little nutrition.

    It's one of the salted fat-carb combination foods that particularly causes weight gain. 

    Fresh corn is on the acceptable list.

    The diet is not extremely strict. 

    Corn is somewhat American.  It's also becoming common to make ethanol, which is 39% of corn usage. It's not an easy question because the world is globalizing and Dorito's and Pringles and Kellogg's Corn flakes are in Saudi supermarkets. I think when they say "Mediterranean Diet" they mean the traditional one, rather than modern diets. 

    In any diet, small amounts of anything isn't a killer, but I'd be cautious about too many corn chips. I know tacos are going global now.

    Bread is intended as whole grain typically.

    I took a screen clip from a supermarket ad in Greece, and found similar in Saudi Arabia. They sell corn chips now and nacho cheese dip.


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