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Is my sister manipulating me?

My sister is 23 with a toddler, she quit her job and hasn’t worked since baby and says she’s never working again and home schooling because she’s a good parent. 3 days ago she begged me to quit my job because she thinks my husband should pay for ALL the bills, and the mother shouldn’t work? I explained to her that maybe in her situation she is lucky but most normal couples both work.. she basically didn’t agree and put down my husband saying that he is pressuring me to work. 

I’m 9months pregnant and missed my sisters call today. She then texted me “why don’t you answer me when you just sit on the couch all day”

I tried to call her back within 10minutes and she doesn’t answer. 

When I talk to her I say there’s no need for a comment like that. And she says that she’s the only one who puts in effort and wants to hang out all the time, like she’s a victim?

So she makes a rude comment, then when you call her out she’s a victim now. And another thing, she calls me a bad parent for going back to work (in a year) and then makes a rude comment about me “sitting in the couch all day” when I’m 9 months pregnant?

And also, she calls me EVERY morning to “hang out”, cause she’s got all day and so bored, and I’ve told her I can only hang out once a week, she gets mad and says but I’m at home every day so why don’t I want to “chill” every day with her 

What is this? Is she trying to manipulate,is she just jealous, or is she just young and immature? I don’t know how to deal with it 

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    Like someone else said she is trying to manipulate you into doing the same so she won’t feel so bad about herself.

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    It takes two to tango, so if you don't want these kinds of conversations with your sister,you can advise her thusly. And if that doesn't stop her, you always have the option to walk away, hang up, change the subject, not answer, etc. One good and useful option is called "The Broken Record Technique", from assertion training: you say something like, "This subject is not up for discussion." She comes back at you with a "Yes, but..." or some other persistent comment, where upon you REPEAT your previous statement, "This subject is not up for discussion...!" You do it as many times as it takes for her to get tired and give up.   She's your sister, so I doubt if you want to end the relationship entirely. But you do need to take control of your side of it.

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    1 month ago

    she might be jealous cause you dont have to work

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    dont litsen to her and block her number so she can shut up

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Shut her down. Tell her its not her business.

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