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What is deja vu with a seizure like? Is it just for a second and the only symptom?

Or does it last a while and come with other symptoms?

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    when associated with seizures, itd part of an aura affecting the temporal lobe of the brain where memories are stored.  During a deja vu incident, Neural activity normally involving cerebral lobes other than the temporal lobe spills over into the temporal lobe making present experiences feel familiar. When auras occur as part of a seizure, they usually precede the seizure and last for a few seconds, but can be as long as several minutes.  Auras typically involve multiple symptoms that often follow a sequence that is unique for each individual.  Deja vu itself is just one symptom that may occur as part of an aura.  Other common aura symptoms are sensations such as seeing flashing lights or other visual disturbances, hearing sounds or voices that are not real, experiencing strong emotions for no reason, nausea, light headedness, out of body feelings, feeling strange skin sensations, etc. 

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