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Bill asked in Social ScienceGender Studies · 1 month ago

Why should men support the fight against the patriarchy when the patriarchy worked well for men?

The patriarchy empowers men and teaches them how to be leaders, while feminism strips men of their power and leaves them with nothing in return. Why in the world would any man be opposed to the patriarchy? 

I have seen all sorts of bogus arguments about how the patriarchy hurts men and how feminism helps men, but lets face, they're bullsh*it. Men gain nothing from feminism, while they lose everything from feminism. 


Jerry, feminists already destroyed the old system. The only challenge they have no is the fact that more and more young men are waking up the fact that feminism runs counter to the interests of men. A recent study found that more than 50% of Generation Z men believes that feminism hurts men and their chances of getting ahead. That number will keep growing as it becomes more and more obvious that men are getting poorer and losing power in feminist society. 

Update 2:

@Poker face: I call you a feminist because you commonly revert back to feminist beliefs. Just because you're not honest enough to admit it doesn't mean you're not doing it. 

Update 3:

@poker face: You can offer up examples of how feminism advantages men any time you want. Just know that I won't accept arguments built on allowing men to be feminine or weak. Good luck. 

Update 4:

@poker face: And I never really liked movies. Even as a kid I found them to be boring and crappy. Yeah, movies are pretty feminist these days, but I was done with movies well before that. 

Update 5:

Women were not treated like sh!t under the patriarchy. Tell me though, how is teaching men to care and provide for women a recipe for treating women like sh!t? 

Is better that men abandon their children and leave women as single mothers like what happens under feminism all the time or is it better to have a society that provides men the motivation to be involved fathers and providers? You pick. 

Update 6:

And Pol Pot, you're have been reported for pretending to be another user. Enjoy yourself now. 

Update 7:

@poker face: Nothing about being married changes anything about what I told you before about women earning more than the man. 

Update 8:

@poker face: I didn't just call out your arguments because they are pro equality, but because they are copied right from feminist rhetoric. Your problem is that you are so brainwashed by feminism that you don't even notice when you're parroting feminists. 

Update 9:

MenAreDangerous: Feminism has nothing to do with human nature. In fact, like all left wing ideologies feminism runs counter to human nature. 

Update 10:

ChemFlunky: I can always count on you to promote men being emotionally weak. It actually feels good to provide for a woman and your child. Your idea that it somehow sucks to take up the role of the provider only shows that you fundamentally fail to understand men and what makes them feel wanted and needed. 

Update 11:

@Green Puffin: Not many men want the choice to stay home nor do many women want to be the sole provider. There is also no real evidence that any such desire was expansive before feminism. Most reverse role relationships are more less forced on the people in them due to economic or medical realities. 

Update 12:

@Green Puffin: And what has that freedom of choice done for society? Besides just giving women more permission to have careers exactly how has society overall benefited from women having careers? 

Update 13:

Has the family benefited from women having careers? No.

Has children benefited from women having careers? No.

Has marriages become happier and more likely to produce well adjusted children? Oh hell no. Just look at the disaster known as Generation Z.

Has men benefited from women having careers? Nope, it actually takes a good bit away from men. 

Update 14:

@poker face: Statistics don't lie. Equal role modern relationships have a lower success rate than traditional relationships, while reverse relationships have a lower success rate than equal role relationships. 

Update 15:

@Green Puffin: The patriarchy is hardly outdated. The natural roles of men and women can never become outdated. Society can decide to ignore them as proven by feminism, but they will never really go away. 

Update 16:

@Green Puffin: Your father married a crazy feminist that didn't want her daughter to have girly things. What makes you think he would have went with your mom if he wasn't a feminist himself? 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    ' while feminism strips men of their power and leaves them with nothing in return. '

    Doesnt this PROVE that yr 'power' is all in yr mind , you twit.

    There r women far smarter than men. Fact .. whose thought process is far higher than u can imagine.

    Are such women supposed to kowtow to stupid men .. hehe.

    U make no sense.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    My goodness, darling, but how insecure you are. How small IS your johnson, anyway?

  • 1 month ago

    You might be factual for the *majority* of men (though I'd argue that, even there, the narrow range of emotional expression and the like that "traditional" modes of male behavior allows are harmful), but most=/=all.

    If you are a man (or at least biological male) who is inclined towards "feminine" behavior or mannerisms (everything from trans women to just dudes who like to knit or whatever), then "patriarchy" is telling you, well, not to be who you are.  That kind of sucks.

    And even if you are pretty traditionally masculine, if you, eg, have kids, and actually want to spend time with them and so on, it kind of sucks to live in a system where you are expected to have the sole and entire responsibility to be the "bread earner", regardless of what that means for your work/life balance.


    "feminine" does not, by any means, have to mean "emotionally weak".  I don't know if you saw the British show from a year or 2 back, Sex Education, but there was an episode where one of the characters (the main character's best friend, who is pretty flamboyantly gay) went to a school dance in drag, and the surrounding circumstances made it pretty clear that it basically took cojones the size of watermelons to do so.

    And I'm not saying men can't or don't want to be "providers".  What I'm saying is, if men are required to be the *only* "providers", that may mean that they have to spend so much time "providing" that they don't have time to, you know, actually interact with their kids.  And that kind of sucks.

    I don't want men to be "weak", I want men to have *options*.  To be able to be their best possible selves, even if that best possible self isn't traditionally "masculine".

    Does that make sense to you?

  • 1 month ago

    It's all very well if your in a relationship with someone who wants to stick to the traditional gender roles or are earning enough money to provide a comfortable living for your growing family.  However, many people want to choose what they do with their own lives.  Some people want to switch between traditional gender roles, without prejudice.  For example men staying at home and women being the bread winner or both partners sharing working and parenting equally.

    The Patriarchal system doesn't allow for freedom of choice.  It's an outdated form of keeping people from progress and choice.  It's sad to read that Bill is only 37, I thought he was a man in his 70's, with old fashioned views.  Not even my Dad who's in his early 80's has such old fashioned views that Bill has.  I suppose some people are old before their time! HA HA Bill is an old fart and not even 40!

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  • Zirp
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Because it doesn't even work well for all men

  • 1 month ago

    Bills going to be here asking this question 5 years from now still failing to understand human nature.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    So you mean men should support the idea of restricting the freedom of women and treat them like sh!t. How would you feel if you are prohibited to do something?? You are emotionally very shallow, don't you have any feelings? 


    I don't mean men should support gynocentric laws but that doesn't mean men should support restricting the freedom of women. Men and women have the right to do what they want. You are worse than Muslim men. Get some mental checkup first.

  • 1 month ago

    EDIT: @MenAreDangerous look at your profile. You’re the biggest loner on here, right next to @SEX BEGGAR 

    How many times are you going to reword this stupid question? I preferred when you lurked in the comments. You’re the same as those trolls spamming misandry or pretending to be men. We get it, you hate feminism and have let it consume you to where you can’t enjoy movies, marriage, video games, porn, sports, etc. 

    And why do I feel like this question was aimed at me lmfao. You describe anything outside your traditionalist comfort zone as “feminist” so I gave up trying to debate you. 

    But I told you before. Conservatism and feminism can both be toxic but both have advantages for men that people like you who refuse to see because the grey area isn’t considered in your black and white world. 

    EDIT: @Bill I beg you tell me how? Actually we will do that another time. 

    You’re wrong about modern relationships not lasting. You’re 37 and I’m in my early 20s. Of course I’ve not had relationships or marriages that lasted years and years but we’ll see 20 years down the line. What about you Mr Traditional? Where’s your wife and kids? I assume you have none as no self respecting woman would put up with your insanity besides the ones you “pick up” for a quickie. 

  • 1 month ago

    "Why should men support the fight against the patriarchy when the patriarchy worked well for men"

    I'm going to sidestep the whole quagmire of even asking for a definition of Patriarchy. The only point I want to make is that if feminists so dislike the system we live under, they need to present a BETTER and more fair one rather than their gynocentric demands that only men change to the feminist system where females are given all sorts of choices while men are saddled with extra Responsibilities, even at the social level.

    Feminism is NEVER going to work as an actual functioning system because it is totally polarized against men. This guarantees that there will never be enough support to bring it to a majority power. The only thing feminism achieves today, and will ever achieve is as an agitator of the EXISTING system and any future system, just as it currently does in our increasingly dysfunctional order.

    When you really think about it, that's probably all it's meant to do. Especially when we also understand that the corporate elite finances feminism for it's end goals which always appears to be divide and conquer, and absolutely NOT to supplant the feminist influence of taking over the reigns on the entire political system from the corporate elite.


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