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Does this text sound like I was imposing on a family member and being rude?

This was sent in a text to my aunt today. This is not a cousin that I grew up playing with or who’s like a sibling or anything, but it’s still a cousin so I feel like I should catch up when they’re in town. He’s eight years older than me as I’m 31 and he’s 39 or 40.  I’m terrified of making a social mistake as it’s the one thing people have criticized me for over the years and it’s due to my ADHD and anxiety.  

                                                       Text below   


“Also just wanted to extend the invite if you all feel like meeting up at the Washington Park when Jimmy’s family is here I’d be happy to get a pizza for everyone and meet you all up there. Just if they have time and want to, don’t want to impose”. 


Then the aunt wrote that she talk to Jimmy who said they weren’t doing anything well here except going to the city for one day. I replied the following. 


“Oh OK, yeah I would love to see them as I think I missed them the last couple times so if they feel like meeting up i’d be happy to treat you all to a pizza at the park”.    

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    you already said youre gonna go but if you dont wanna go make up an excuse

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