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Can someone please explain to me what this means as for his behavior ?

He's my child's father and hate/resents me and doesn't call or text to  check on our 7 month old son nor has he done anything for him financially. He drives and he's not willing to come see his son but he's ok with seeing my son and I if I take a $300 uber to and from his house. I don't understand his behaviour. 

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    He doesn't want to make an effort to see your son or give a dime towards him, yet you spend 300 on a ride to see him? If I were you I would not allow him any contact unless he starts paying child support. And you should spend your money on your child, not on 300 dollar uber rides to visit him. 

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    "Child's father"... ie: not your husband?  Meaning you chose to be a single mother.  Did you ask him if he wanted to be a father?  Probably not...

    $150 Uber fare each way....?? Does he live in the next town over?? Sounds like your just his booty call... so why do have any expectation that he will play the role of "dad"?

    "His son"... really?  I have my doubts based on the very little you have said.  I suspect he does too.

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