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when is the stock market going to crash? I want to see these arrogant rich people suffering, how soon?


what would think of the intelligence of someone that lives in a multi million dollar home and puts a NFL sign on his front lawn? why

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    I've spent over 40 years on Wall Street and I have been through many bad markets, but I learnt along time ago, the people that get hurt the most are the Joe Six Packs of the world.

    Professional investors and traders make money in all markets, both on the upside and the down side.  As long as their good volume professionals make money.

    The very rich have the professionals look after their investments while the average Joe looses their shirts trying to "out smart" the market.

    The big losers are the millions that have 401 & retirement plans or hold positions in mutual funds.

    And no one cares what rich people put on the lawns.

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    Why do you have such negative thoughts in you? 

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    Market Value is meaningless to me as I rarely sell. I care about dividend cash flow.  A market sell off is just a chance to pick up the next thing on my goals list on the cheap.   Why I have wealth despite a modest income and you stereotyping the rich is meaningless. You understand you are just as bad as a racist? You stereotype and hate.   

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    Even if the stock market crashes, those "arrogant" rich people are not going to suffer much. That's the perks of being rich--that you can weather such disasters and still be rich. No one loses it all anymore except small investors. Large-scale investors (like a lot of rich people) have many safeguards to keep them from "suffering" if the market crashes. Sorry--that's not going to do it for you. 

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    It has due to. Covid 19, haven’t you noticed.

    In the UK the FTSE is down at least 15%, thats a lot of money.

    However, things like pension funds suffer so it’s not just the rich that get hurt. In any case what’s $5-10m if you’ve got $100m?

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    When the stock market crashes, everybody suffers. Please remember the Great Depression of 1929-1939. Many experts think that it was the Great Depression that caused the rise of Fascism, then leading to WW2 with some 60-80 million people killed. 

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    Working class people (in the tens of millions) have 401k's. A big enough crash would devastate the middle/middle-lower class.

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    So the stock market collapsing wouldn't hurt the middle class? lol. You sound like you know as much about the economy as a socialist does.

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    Not just rich people invest in the market. And if you were not so stupid, so would you. 

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    If the stock market crashes it will be the poor and middle class that suffers the most. 

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