Cant download apps from playstore?

The other day my sim car card tray broke while inside my phone and some pieces were left stuck and took some time to get it out and from the looks of it damaged the sd card reader while trying to get out, i have an lg g6 the sim card and sd card are on the same tray. Now my phone can't read my sd card anymore. Now there's an option on the phone to transfer some of the storage of an app to the sd card which i had done already before all this happened. Now since my phone can't read my sd card anymore what happened is every app that had some of its storage space on my sd card is gone either disappeared or got deleted i don't know. So i went to playstore to go download these apps that i lost back on to my phone but its giving me an error that it can't install. What is it that i can do to fix this problem so i can download the apps i lost.


I can download other apps nornally no problem. Its only apps that i lost from the sd that its giving me this error message.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    If you damaged the delicate SIM reader in the phone then you need to get the phone repaired.

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