Question about passive voice?

In the followings sentences, in number 1 and 2 the word "ME" was changed to "I". The same not happens in the 3 and 4. Why?

1. Your brother sent "ME" his book last week.Passive: "I" was sent a book by your brother last week.2. My mother would give "ME" a new dress.Passive:  "I" would be given a new dress by my mother.3. My grandpa tells "me" nice histories.  Passive: nice histories were told by my grandpa.4. The engineers are building "me" a new house.Passive: A new house was built by the engineers.

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    you have chosen different subjects for the passive voice in the second two.  You could still say "I was told nice stories by my grandpa" but you chose to concentrate on "stories" as the subject rather than you (Nice stories were told to me by my grandpa).  You can do the same thing with the first two sentences as well: "A book was sent to me by my brother."

    You get to decide what you want to be the subject of the passive voice when there are multiple objects involved in the active voice version.  It does affect which thing you choose to look at as being done to, though.  Are you the passive recipient of the act, or is the other object the recipient?  You can say either.

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    Try writing it like this instead ....

    My grandmother tells Me nice histories.

    Passive .. I have been told nice histories by my grandmother.

    The enineers are building ME a new house.

    Passive .. I am having a house built by the engineers.

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