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What can I do about my son's old landlord repeatedly harassing me about things that don't concern me?

I live in Maryland if that matters. My 22 year old son moved out of his apartment in a town about 15 minutes away due to difficulties paying the rent and his landlord giving him a hard time despite the covid-19 moratorium. For the past two weeks his old landlord, who has somehow found my address, has left notes in my mailbox about rent arrears my son supposedly owes and asking for my son's current whereabouts. At first I was creeped out then decided to write a note back saying it wasn't my problem if he's owed money&I wasn't telling him anything as it's none of my business what happened. If my son wants to get in touch, he obviously knows how. 

Today I got home, went inside,&not 5 minutes later this strange man was ringing my doorbell. He identified himself as the landlord then launched into this tirade about how he has a family to feed, I need to "do what's right", & he's not just going to go away. I slammed the door in his face thinking of doing much worse and after a few minutes he did leave after leaving another note. Now how do I get him to go away for good?!

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    They are trying to intimidate you. Your son signed the lease not you, so he owes them money. If he was under 18 maybe u could be responsible.Tell these people u will call the police

    if they come around or contact you again and do call the police.

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    Call your attorney, or me.

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    Call the police and let them know this man is harassing you for something your adult child needs to take care of. If he won't stop, get a restraining order and keep calling until they do something. 

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    The first thing I would do is I would notify your Postmaster that he is illegally using your mailbox. The second thing would be to file a complaint with your Police Dept. that he is harassing you and trespassing on your property and seek a restraining order barring him from contacting you again. That should take care of his bothering you.

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    Write to the landlord, making it very clear that, as you were not a party to the lease, you are not on the hook for any late payments or money owed. 

    In fairness though; your son does owe the landlord rent, so should get in touch to arrange a payment plan. 

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    You can't, without extraordinary measures.  You should be calling your son and telling him to pay his landlord.  He had a lease and is obligated under it.  If you don't tell the landlord where he can find him, it will cost your son more money because instead of serving him at a known address, he will have to serve him publicly.  Your son will have to pay for the public service, which costs several hundred dollars, in addition to his debt, penalties and interest, etc.  Covid does not release anyone from a contract, just as the flu doesn't, a car crash, a broken arm - excuses are pathetic. 

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    First, it's extremely illegal for him to tell you that your son owes money.  Your son might be able to sue him for violating the laws against disclosing a person's debts to their family.

    Second, don't try so hard to get him to leave.  Simply tell him once, and if he does not leave immediately when you tell him to leave, then call the police and have him arrested for trespassing.

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    Unless you signed as guarantor or cosigner of your son's lease, the landlord has no business contacting you. Have your lawyer send that landlord a cease & desist letter to stop his harassment of you. If he shows up on your property again, call the police.

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    Did you co-sign for the apartment? If so, read the lease and figure out what responsibility you have. If you didn't co-sign, there's no legal leg for this dude to stand on.

    Regardless of whether you co-signed, this behavior is harassment. Document, document, document. File a police report. If he comes by again, call the police out to your house. And, if you can, have an attorney send this dude a cease and desist. Failing that, a good old fashioned restraining order works just as well. Whether you co-signed or not, you didn't sign up for door to door harassment. That behavior isn't normal and it needs to stop.

  • Rick B
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    1 month ago

    Well, first of all, your son owes him the money.  The current laws prevent eviction, but do not forgive the rent.  As a parent, I would think that you would teach your children appropriate moral behavior - in other words, tell your son to call this guy and make arrangements.

    All that being said, unless you co-signed something, you are not responsible for your son's debts.  If I were in your shoes, I would tell the man that you have asked your son to contact him to make arrangements and that is the extent of your involvement.  Tell him that if he continues to harass you, you will file a police report.

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