Can someone who's not arrogant and stubborn like the majority admit the masks aren't helping reduce cases at all?

they mandated face masks 2 months ago everywhere indoors here in Toronto and now are going "derp, why are the cases increasing?" Can someone get some guts and say "the MASKS are useless" India mandated them since April and get close 100,000 every single day, so its clear the masks are useless, ofcourse the hypocrite morons will then go "without masks they'd be getting 200,000 cases everyday" No stupid,the point is the masks didn't decrease any cases at all in India so why this insistence on wearing masks when they do nothing, in fact the cases were much lower until masks were mandated in India , same thing now happening with Toronto.i just hate this dumb insistence that "we're getting more cases cause people aren't wearing masks" YOU MANDATED IT EVERYWHERE INDOORS U MORON, they got no choice but to wear masks, so stop your dumb mask excuse already.I only whine cause wearing the mask prevents me from breathing properly but the arrogant fools mock and taunt me and mandate me to wear it, if it wasn't a health issue, i wouldn't care, hence it shouldn't have been mandated.And i don't have a "medical condition", completely ignoring the fact that a lot of people have difficulty breathing with a mask and shoving it down everyone's throat that they should wear one was WRONG AND CRIMINAL. I'm sure its there somewhere in the character that infringing on my ability to breath comfortably is a crime, its coming, someone will take this to court.


wow the arrogance of you pro maskers is amazing, i bet u will be the ones who will get covid. All its gonna take is a flip flop from the experts to say "masks are bad for you" and voila, all you geniuses teaching me the "science" will start saying masks are bad, foolish sheep with no common sense thinking ability of their own. and to the jackass who asks me for credentials, MORON, if i say i cant breath with a mask on, i don't need a doctor to verify it, i have 40 yrs "breathing experience". 

Update 2:

wow just keep saying "science" all the time to make yourself sound intelligent and only quote the articles that claim masks are "Scientifically proven" to help while ignoring the non yahoo non mainstream media articles that say masks are bad for u. Did u arrogant clowns read about the 2 chinese dudes who dropped dead while exercising with masks on?

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  • 1 month ago It's scientifically proven that masks on an infectious person reduces cold & flu viruses in aerosols by 70% – that's potentially as large an impact as a lockdown. Unless you have a different scientific source that contradicts this, I'd say you're uninformed. Masks have been used for disease control in instances before covid-19, there's evidence of their effectiveness in both history and science. Also, just because the number of cases are still increasing even with masks being mandated doesn't mean that they are useless, that's like saying condoms are useless for birth control because unplanned pregnancies still exist. Also, when you refuted prior responses asking you for credentials by saying that you've been breathing for 40 years and know that masks seriously impede your ability to breathe, I think you forget that doctors work for hours with masks on when performing surgery and they have no complaints about them.

  • 1 month ago

    No they are all stubborn and think a pandemic that was already bad enough can be used to defeat Trump when only voting and people can do that. I’d like someone to explain to me why we are supposed to wear masks to allegedly protect from the virus when the same CDC is advising Californians that the same masks won’t keep out fire particulates and ash, which are many times the size of the virus? Hmmm............. 🤔

  • JJ
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    1 month ago

    Not true. Without masks the number of deaths would have been double, or possibly triple. Greenland would have melted completely. The Moon would have broken in half. So how can you say they don't help...

  • Tara
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    1 month ago

    It's a matter of opinion if the masks help - or does not help.

    I think the masks helps.

    We have always been taught to cover our mouths when we sneeze or cough so not to spread germs ... the same with masks.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Except masks DO help.  It should be obvious even if you failed every science class you've ever taken.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    There's a very simple answer to ALL of your facemask/Covid questions.  Post your credentials (specifically, which Medical School you attended) as well as your scientific conclusions and persuade all of the hypocrite morons that the Center for Disease Controls are wrong, and you are right.

    Yes, infringing on your ability to breath (do you mean breathe?) comfortably is a crime.  And, yes, its (do you mean it's) is coming.  It has been taken to Court in the USA, not Canada, so be the first person to sue.

    Why not go BACK to India and live with your wife?  I realizes you may or may not be (1) pursuing a business degree; (2) not pursuing a business degree; (3) considering a business degree and so forth in additional to your Med School degree.  Don't these programs exist in India?

  • 1 month ago

    Masks do help but they aren't a guarantee, but when people stop staying home and staying away from others, their effectiveness will decrease.  Several months ago, people were staying home and staying away from others. Now they aren't as much.

  • If you don't like wearing those blue mask with white backing. Removing the piece of 

    plastic strip and use a paper clip as a ear saver it makes those mask a lot more comfortable to wear. 

    As for health condition is bunk. It doesn't stop me from breathing when I wear one 

    at work and I have asthma, sleep apena and smoke a pack a day. You just don't 

    like wearing them because your being forced to which is why when I'm not at work 

    or places that don't require them I don't wear it. 

  • 1 month ago

    Cases increasing does not show at all that masks do not work.  You have no actual way to show the spread would be the same with or without masks.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your obvious anger is concerning.  Any particular reason that you feel compelled to call other people "stupid," "dumb," morons" and so forth?  Can those people write in English using punctuation?

    What does "I'm sure its [sic] somewhere in the character (?) that infringing on my ability to breath [sic] comfortably is a crime" mean?

    You can GUARANTEE "this" will go to Court be retaining legal counsel and suing someone, sometime, someplace.  Make your own words come true.

    Don't you have a life?  Question after question, same misspelled, badly punctuated rant:  "People who whine about people not wearing their face masks properly?

    So many clowns going "oh i saw so many people they had their face mask below their nose or below their chin, i'm like, that's not the proper way to wear a mask"  

    Well JACKA$$ - " 

    Is there a reason you keep quoting yourself?  "Can u clowns who keep touting masks admit they are useless and u only tout them cause u got nothing else?"

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