I fell in love with a foreign nurse... but he doesn't even talk to me. What should I do so that he will fall for me?

There's a nurse I see everytime I take the bus, on the same time, when I go to work. He is tall, handsome and has always a sad look on his face. He looks like he is from poland or eastern europe, he wears weird clothes that make him look older (ge might be 25 or 30 years old), because he always wears dark green coats or beige shirts or dark brown trousers. He has a bit of a hunchback and he's thin, but his eyes, they are like green fields in the summer. One day my mp3 falled and he took it for me (we were sitting close to each other but he acted like I didn't exist). I said thank yoi but he didn't even turn his head. When there are girls around he just tries not to touch them. Sometimes I feel lile he feel threathened, because of the girls and even cause the bus driver sometimes picks on him (complains about foreigners loudly,tells him to show him tickets and papers). The poor guy does that otherwise the others on the bus will pick on him.

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  • Raja
    Lv 7
    1 week ago

    You say you are in love with a foreign nurse who des not look at you even .You say he is handsome but has a sad look .Chances are there he may be having personal problems or he may be feeling lonely without his gf or wife. You are only imagining you are in love because there is no response from the other party . Remember you cannot clap with one hand .Rather than wasting your time find out a guy with whom you can fall in love. There is plenty of fish in the sea.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    He told you he's a Nurse; he wears his uniform on the bus; he has "Nurse" tattooed on his forehead?

  • Tina
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Where do you have to show 'paper's' to get on a bus? Surely a ticked or a travel pass would suffice.

  • Are you sure he isn’t an injured soldier?

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  • 1 month ago

    If someone weirdo stranger was doing this creepy stuff to you on the bus you wouldn't look at them either. 

  • Marli
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    How do you know he is a nurse?

    And why do you think he is shying away from girls in particular. I sit on buses every day.  He sat beside you and your hips must have touched, unless you too are very thin or you are male. If they touched, he did not shrink from you or moved to another seat. And a nurse touches people as part of the job. A nurse can't be shy about touching people, even in these social distancing days. He'd wear gloves.  BTW, why did he pick up your Mp3 if he is afraid to get Covid-19? How far apart were you seated?Sorry if I offend you but I think you are trying out a new 2020 version of "the solicitous sad soldier and the waif who fell in love with him story".  Why else would you ask for love advice in the Books and Authors category and not in Family and Relationships?

    If this is real, then introduce yourself to the young man and start a conversation with him. Don't fall in love with a man you don't know. Or give up your crush on him. He won't open if you don't talk and let him know you are friendly and not a threat. He might not open up, now matter how you try. 

    But how did such a withdrawn one become a nurse?  He has to communicate with patients, fellow staff and doctors. A withdrawn type cannot do all that a nurse must do.  That's why I think the situation or the man is not quite true.

    If this is that lonely soldier story, your girl still has to talk to the man and the man to the girl. Woebeme Wilma and Sadatheart Sam just can't sit in silence with spilled soup and a bowl of broken window glass between them  Someone has to melt that wall of ice before she can fall in love.

    @Tina. I thought it was weird too, because  "papers" mean a passport or immigration papers to me. 

    Some people cross the Canada - U S. border to go to and from work, so I didn't comment about it because I don't know what the laws are in Europe. But an immigrant living in one nation cannot work in the other nation. A Canadian citizen living in Fort Erie Ontario can work in the neighboring city of Buffalo, New York (or could work there before Covid-19 made Ottawa shut the border. I am not in that situation so I didn't look it up.) Windsor Ontario and Detroit Michigan are practically Siamese twins of the automobile industry. Parts, trucks with parts, and personnel go across like blood through a heart. It's fine as long as the Canadian has a valid passport and employment card, and can endure the wait to cross and perhaps grillings from edgy customs officials.  But it seemed weird for a nurse and an immigrant to live in one nation and work in the other. The public health complications of allowing someone who comes in contact with the sick to cross an international border twice a day, every day! I can't believe that, even when our border was laissez-faire.

  • 1 month ago

    Start greeting him with a smile and cheerful hello every time you see him. Try to sit next to him. Try to start a conversation. That's how.

  • 1 month ago

    maybe give him a cupckae or a cake :)

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