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Travel Setup ?

Wondering what your guys travel set up is when traveling overseas to Asia/Europe for an extended period of time from packing to accommodation? Do you bring a carry on luggage and a bigger checked bag luggage ? Backpack? Do you prefer hotels or airbnb with a kitchen and washer and dryer?  

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  • I've done a half-dozen long-term (more than 30 days) trips to Europe for work (Paris, London 2x, Edinburgh, Munich, Moscow).  I will check two bags and do laundry weekly along with my laptop backpack.  

    Lodging?  Hotels.  I wouldn't stay in an Airbnb property if you paid me to do so (there are no safety/security protocols that the company verifies, the company doesn't protect consumers, Airbnb has allowed its hosts to discriminate and install hidden cameras to spy on guests with no consequences, and Airbnb is about as bad of a company as you will ever find).  

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    I go for cheap but private accomodations. A week in Cyprus in an air b-n-b was $200. Kitchen was nice as I like to cook, make salads, etc. I can see more of the country if I save cash on lodging.

    In Israel, we had a b-n-b also. Interesting that two cats came with the room. (you have to feed and water the cats and change the kitty litter. If you like cats, they were a RIOT!!) The kitchen was microscopic. ONE meter by ONE meter. Convenient though, never far to walk for anything! A lightweight backpack can carry water and other things and keep hands free for fondling souvenirs in the shops or photographing out about the country. As you shop and buy things, the backpack is a good catch-all for your purchases.One big checked bag is 99% a necessity in the event you want to bring home a can of national beer (or non-alcoholic Şalgam [Shalgam]- a turnip juice, from Turkey) or a national alcohol or mineral water. Knives, swords, scissors, long metal things, etc also must be checked. A typical hotel is also great. The one in Dubai we just left had cakes available all night from room service. After coming in at 11 PM, 12 AM or so, a coffee and sweet dessert was a nice nightcap.

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