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What should I get my boyfriend for Christmas?

I realize we are in a pandemic and there are huge real-world problems going on right now. However, I am tired of thinking about it so I have decided to start ONLINE shopping for Christmas just to ease my mind. If there's still a pandemic in December, I am still getting my boyfriend a gift. Even if I have to mail it. 

Anyway... what are some good ideas? We have been together for over 2 years, almost 3. He doesn't drink, and he's not into the usual manly man stuff (such as knives, fishing, or camo). He likes video games (such as Pokemon and Mario), cooking, cologne, or anything else that would make him smell good, sentimental gifts, anything to help him stay organized, food, sports, crazy and fun underwear or socks, graphic t-shirts, etc. I am making him an explosion box that will have something cute when he reaches the end, but I would also like to get him something he can use. 

Also. He wears a size 15 in shoes so it is hard to buy him shoes or socks. 

Please help. I need to get my mind off of coronavirus and I am trying to stay hopeful for Christmas, as it is my favorite holiday, even if it is clear that things won't be better by then. If you don't know what I should get my boyfriend, what are some ideas for my best friend?

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    you can do socks now, but understandable not shoes. 

    Do fun stuff like boxers, tshirt, but nothing to expensive

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    One can always get a gift card from a store which sells the things he is interested in

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