Do you have any experiences or stories from 9/11?

My mother used to live in New York and at the time she was on the subway train that was thankfully heading away from the two towers. Usually, she would have been on the one that was heading towards the towers, and if it weren't for the actions taken as soon as the news of planes crashing into the towers spread, that train would have kept on going, and would have been crushed. Still, the train heading away from the towers halted, and all the passengers were told to walk through the subway tunnels to a subway station nearby which was a few blocks away from the WTC. There, she could see the two towers on one of the rod screens, and just then, one of them just collapsed. Down the street, she could hear screaming and saw people pushing and shoving as they began to run from a dust cloud that was in the distance. My mother didn't run but walked as began to head to the Brooklyn Bridge crossing over it with everyone else and continuing to the Bronx. She said It was one of the worst moments of her life... 

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     Thanks for sharing.  Condolences to all who lost loved ones.  I don't have a story to tell.  I just spent the day watching it on TV and praying.  

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