Have you been abducted by an alien before?

So many people come up missing.  Do you know of anyone or yourself that has suffered being abducted and it seemed like it was an alien that did it?  Watch this video if you are unfamiliar with this topic.


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  • Tom
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    3 months ago
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    No.   However, that the "Alien" Descriptions are the same suggest people have seen the same things---This suggests that they have had real experiences.  If they were lies, every report would be different.----Put 50 people in a room with a pencil and paper and have them INVENT "a space Alien" and you get fifty different "aliens".  

    Now unless there is some kind of "Telepathy" involved no two people will tell the same lies about "aliens" (Telepathy is just as unlikely)---But of course I am referring to cases before 1977 before the Close Encounters of the third kind" Movie came out--and made the "Grey" into a public Icon.   So we can conclude that these early witnesses at least DID see and interact with the same thing--whatever they really were.

    So what ARE these things people call "Aliens"  and what the so called "Abductions?

    Assuming there are NO REAL Aliens is the best approach, but what may be really going on?  and WHY do the descriptions MATCH, which by all rights they should not.?

    A kind of HOAX is most likely, and the hoaxers use the SAME Props, is most logical--Explains both the "Abduction" and the matching "Aliens" (good theories must explain the aspects of events)

    Now who would do the hoax and why?  Here we have a problem.  The scale of the hoax is very large, involving THOUSANDS of victims.--Very difficult to pull off and very, very expensive.  Even rich people don't play such expensive pranks for "Shits and Giggles".----Indeed, the only entity BIG enough to pull something like this off would be the GOVERNMENT.  Agencies like the CIA and NSA are known for some spectacular "Deceptions" And ethics are often thrown to the wind.  They are our Number one candidates/ 

    Of course, THEY could do it, but WHY?  The government is not known for fun and games. To me, the most obvious reason is that there is either an unethical experiment going on or a COVER-UP of a serious situation that might cause either an embarrassing scandal, or a public panic.  A cover- up is more likely. MANY People may have been exposed to a toxic, radioactive or biologic agent via accident or weapons test that requires that individuals exposed to it be taken and EXAMINED from time to time--Really serious business.   

    Subjects are drugged and abducted and taken to portable labs to be checked out. In a stroke of genius, someone decided to have a "Space Alien" dummy or animatronic in there to frighten and confuse the drugged victim--and make him less willing to talk should the AMNESIA medication wear off--And not be believed if he did,---THIS both explains why the descriptions match and why we know something REAL is going on.

    The flaw in the scam is that they used the same "Alien" dummy----They should have used different ones--Matching reports from thousands of Victims suggest it is real and also opens up logical deductions as above, as to what is really happening.----The Government is secretly Testing people for the effects of exposure to some agent and are trying to hide it with an :Alien Hoax"--

    ---The above is not a "Conspiracy Theory" as it is worked out--step by step--A Conspiracy theory, just the opposite, starts out with the conclusion and evidence is bent to  fit it.

  • Dr. NG
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    3 months ago

    Not yet, but I am ever hopeful.

  • 3 months ago

    Personally, I would advise you to take down that video as you are leaving yourself wide open to the trolls. I would expect a video to play better than that if it had been put through a hot wash along with a miners clothing. That only proved to me that people are still trying to make money from fake vids. There was not one glimpse of anything that could be used as evidence in that vid, just noise and flickering rubbish. If that was how my own camera performed, it would be in the bin.

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