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Do you think I should do it although my confidence is low?

I have been bullied a lot at work in the past

I have been out of work a long time due to mental health issues

My friend works in a charity shop and says they need volunteers. Im thinking of doing it but my confidence is so low and im embarrassed by my life

Im in my early 30s living alone, no parter, no job and im a bit overweight due to comfort eating after my last break up

Im losing weight to improve my confidence

Thing is im worried about working there as I may bump into someone I know and feel embarrassed or I may get bullied again

On the upside I get to work with a friend and have a bit of routine in my life

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    I use to have paralyzing levels of insecurity/shyness. Confidence is not about losing weight, it is about deeply understanding yourself. To overcome a fear you must face the fear by doing that which you fear. There is no other way. Confidence is a function of doing a thing over a long period of time. For example think of something that you excel at, be it a game a job or some other activity that you like to do. Things that we have done for a long time we tend to get better at and become confident in doing. 

    Confidence comes from doing, not avoiding. Face enough fears and you can even all but lose the fear of facing new fears. I speak from experience here. Make a choice. Live in fear and miss out on life or face your fears and experience a freedom that will astound you! The choice is yours.

    Tip, study psychology and come to deeply know yourself. You can’t overcome a problem that you do not understand.

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