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Any guess on what my rising sign is?

I was born jan 17th 1993, don't know my birth time, parents say I was born between 15.30-17.00pm..just got into astrology and curious to know what anyone thinks? Thank you :D


Forgot to mention I'm from London, UK. Not sure if the time zone affects anything :)

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  • GibBas
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    5 months ago
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    The only way you can find out the answer to your question, or at least get something that fits you is to have your chart rectified by someone who knows what they're talking about, (so take note of Janet's advice). I don't know my time of birth and I had my chart rectified some years ago by a group of keen astrologers but not pros. You need at least 6 dates of life changing events in your life and then you have a chance of getting a chart that "fits" your life (but not necessarily correct). If that time zone for your birth is somewhere near correct that's a big help. (I only knew I was born sometime early in the day). It's for this reason I've never really bothered too much about my own chart because even now I have my doubts about the estimated time given because of the past years of transits and progressions being placed to fit some major life events I've had.

    One thing that "may" help you have some sort of clue is if you were born in London after 4.30 pm and before about 6pm, that would give you Leo rising and your Sun would be in your 6th house and that could show that health and daily routine is likely going to play a major part in your life in some way. If you were born between 3-30 and 4.30 though you could have Cancer rising.

    Astrology is about your inner self and tendencies not physical appearance though imo although I know a few astrologers disagree to some extent about this. (MY birth certificate doesn't have a time of birth on it and neither does any of my siblings. I don't know what year they started to put them on in England).

  • Janet
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    5 months ago

    Unfortunately, your physical appearance does NOT indicate your Rising Sign/Ascendant, and cannot be used TO determine your Rising Sign/Ascendant.  Your Rising Sign is not part of your inner personality ... that is shown b planets, not by the Ascendant.

    All the Ascendant indicates is the "appearance" of your social mask .. the way you behave when you are in a social situation and are not yet comfortable. The more awkward you feel, the more you hide behind that style of acting ... the style of whatever Sign is your Rising Sign.

    But it has nothing to do with how you look. That is determined by DNA.

    Whether you were born at 3:30 pm, 5:00 pm, or anywhere in between, you will have Cancer Rising.

    However, by itself, the Sign is relatively useless.  We use the exact degree of our Rising Sign (called our "Ascendant") for Transits and Progressions that affect us for a period of time. And we use it to help determine compatibility.

    For instance, if you were born at 3:30 pm, say in Kansas City MO, you would have 5:16 Cancer rising (5 degrees and 16 minutes of Cancer above the horizon).

    So if someone else had their Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars within 8 degrees of your Ascendant .. .meaning any of those planets of theirs were located between 27:16 Gemini and 13:16 Cancer, then there would a be strong and lasting attraction between the two of you.

    BUT if any of those planets in their chart was further into Cancer, say at 22:45 Cancer, there would NOT be this attraction.

    So we use the actual precise location of our chart factors when we are determining compatibility.

    And also when we are looking for any current influences that affect us ... transiting or progressed aspects that hit something in our natal chart ... a distance measured in degrees.

    Anyone who tries to guess someone's Rising Sign from how you look simply does not understand astrology. And NO real astrologer works backwards, trying to guess a Sign or planet based on how the person looks OR behaves.  That is not how astrology is done. You start out with an exact birthchart or don't bother.

    Find out your birthtime.  Is it listed on your birth certificate?  Get a copy from the government "Vital Statistics" ... if there is a "long form" with more information on it, request that. Some hospitals also record birth times, so you can contact the hospital you were born at to see if they have a record of that.

    You simply CANNOT do accurate astrology without an accurate birth time, and being off by even as little as 4 minutes of clock time can sometimes change a lot of things in your birthchart .. enough to make a difference.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Looks like you have failed your science classes in school or are ignoring them. There’s a reason why we’re in the entertainment section.

    Astrology is made up stereotyping. That’s why it’s always guessing and never knows.

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