I’m supposed to be going on a date tonight?

But I haven’t heard from him since we made the plans. 

I was just starting to get to know this guy and he had mentioned grabbing drinks. On Sunday, we made plans to grab drinks today. He had said that the beginning of his week was pretty busy with work. We decided on a place, but said we’d figure out a time when we got closer to today. I haven’t heard from him since that conversation. From the way the convo went, the ball seems to be in his court, but I also don’t want to just let this all slip away if I don’t reach out. 

I’ve been out of the dating game for a little while because of the bs and games I’ve been put through. My walls are pretty high and I don’t want to come off too eager, but he’s definitely one of the few I’m interested in because I know OF him from college. Never met or hung out, but I’ve known who he was for a while. 

If I don’t hear from him later today, would it hurt to reach out and see if plans are still on?

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  • 2 months ago
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    In your shoes I'd be direct.  The time etc hasn't been agreed between you and it's getting VERY late.....so there is absolutely nothing wrong with you phoning him and just asking if the date's still on. (You don't want to get all dolled up and go to the meeting place only for him to stand you up do you)  Phone him and hopefully you can confirm it all.  If he says 'Sorry, it's off as I have to work' just say 'Fine, I've had another invitation to meet someone so I'll let them know I'm free.  I didn't want to stand you up.'   That puts him in his place for not telling you in a timely way and shows that you have better moral standards than him.  However, if you get no answer to the call, text him and say 'Are we still meeting at X at 6.30pm?'  If you get no reply by 4.30pm, assume it's off and forget him.  In this situation I think you should think about YOU.  If he can't be bothered to inform you whether the date's still on or not it doesn't say much for him does it.  Hopefully he'll say 'Yes I'm looking forward to meeting up at X at 5.30pm)  Good luck

  • Tj
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    2 months ago

    Send him a message, and ask if you are still on for tonight ans where does he want to meet.

  • 2 months ago

    it wouldn't hurt to reach out but mot probably u re not having any drinks with him any time soon

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I don’t think there’s any harm in reaching out casually. If you really don’t want to seem eager, you can always pretend to cancel - say something like ‘I know we’re getting drinks tonight, but can I put you off to tomorrow? My dog started vomiting and I have to take him to the vet’

    Something that lets him know you’re still interested, but that he’s not the top of your priority list yet either.

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