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Can a girl wear a men’s compression shirt?

Would a men’s compression shirt fit a girl? Found one that I think looks really cool and I’d like to get it. But I know it’s a men’s fit so I’m wondering how it might fit on me. I don’t really care if it’s not a compression fit (I don’t mind a loose fit) because I’m just wearing it for fun lol. Would it look okay or would it look dumb? Would it be comfortable or nah? Should I buy my regular size or size up or down?

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    Hi! I think I might be able to offer you a little insight :)

    I’ve worn like all my boyfriend’s shirts before (lol) so I’ve gone through his compression shirts. He’s muscular and taller than me and the shirt fits him nice and tightly. But on me it fits a little weird. It’s loose around my shoulders and arms, a lil tight around my chest, and baggy around my waist. It is also not wide enough at the bottom to go over my butt comfortably so I just push the bottom up to sit right above my hips and the rest of the shirt bunches up there. So it’s kind of a weird fit, for me at least (I’m mostly skinny, but I do have some female curves). But it’s a comfy fit, just tight around my chest but loose pretty much everywhere else. But also on a side note my boyfriend does wear larger sizes than me so I’d recommend getting a couple sizes up otherwise might be uncomfortable around your chest. You probably won’t be able to get a comfortable compression fit out of it but if you’re just wearing it for fun it doesn’t matter. On a side note my boyfriend thinks that his compression shirts look funny on me since they don’t fit quite right but he thinks it’s cute :)

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    who says she can't

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