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is trump america first or israel first ?

looks like all the politicians are bought by aipac.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The richest race per capita by far is the Jews, but it isn't even a race, it isn't even one group, it isn't even one religion, it's mostly just psychopathic rich families descended from the people who put Jesus on the cross for telling them how sick the people were of paying them endless amounts of money to forgive their "sins" which were defined by a set of laws so barbaric and out of date if anyone still practiced them they should be locked up in a ward for the criminally insane. 

    How to sell your daughter as a slave based on the "commandments" of God. How you should stone and burn and crucify people for picking up sticks on a Saturday, or in the Babylonian texts of the Talmud, how to have sex with children in various ways, as young as 3. Israel. The chosen ones. Give me a break, it's a secret society a brainwashing scam to make money, and they own the media which is why they get away with it. The rich elite, the richest Jew families in the world, they funded Hitler. 

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