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A difficult patient for surgery?

I had to explain to my anesthesiologists a few things that could put me at higher risk of waking up during surgery.

#1. I have Asperger Syndrome, I use different parts of my brain for things they don't perform for other people.

#2. In very left brained, and logic focused,

I gravitate towards wakefulness and awareness.

#3. Part of being this far left brained, is that I have a few fears.. And reactions.

For instance, I fear, and I hate the feeling of being dizzy or high..

My knee jerk reaction to sedatives is to fight the sleep.

My knee jerk reaction to opioids is to fight the high and to make myself breathe.

#4. The reason I hate the opioids and the sedatives..

Is because they induce fear, not sedation automatically..

My response to being high, or dizzy.. Is fear.

#5. I have experienced almost blacking out after selling plasma..

The dizziness and the lightheadedness..

That made me fearful..

To actually black out is a point beyond that.

#6. I have taken opioids before.

What can you do for me ?


His face turned pale white lol..

They postponed the surgery so that they could get spiritual advisors to be in there with me..

And to see if they can't put me put on Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors before the surgery..


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