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Please help me i'm asking for it?

Why does my Family think i talk to much when i do not. Constantly yell at me for no reason and blame stuff on me all the time and when i try to confront them they always have to start argument about It. I can't never win and they do not listen to me then i have brother that has a somelike angry symptoms and is very contradictive to everyone and always get's mad at me for stuff that he does to. Then everyone is on his side and there exuse is he getting mad because you talk to much when i have not talk once and it feels like i'm alone and do not know what to do i feel like i want to run away but i am to scared to because i think that they will miss me and try to find me and the police etc will get involved and i don't want any problems no attention. Then my family is always negative everyone is just like a dysfunctional family and i tired of it and my heart hurts and i don't know what to do please this is my cry for help.

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    maybe you should talk to your parents about it

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    Try not to act out your feelings when they attack you emotionally.

    Give up trying to reason with them for they use words simply as symbols for other pains they have unresolved and feel helpless because of their inability to make good decisions.

    Lastly try to act the way you would like them to act towards you no matter what they say so as to model the behavior that leads to resolving instead of blaming and running away from them.

    Seek help through social services where trained counsellors can intervene.

    Avoid interactions that could lead to violent words and definitely violent physical outburst.

    You will get better at it even if you fail when you try just keep still and observe your feelings as they come and go but never give in to any of the painful ones.

    Yes your family is dysfunctional so what. More than half the world is worst.

    Do not run away. Learn how to meditate by watching YT videos on the topic. Spend time with yourself doing what you enjoy and remain unaffected by what they say or do.

    Not easy but this is the way.

    Be well kiddo. many of us have been there and worst.

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    I understand it's just that i don't talk at all it's like i'm purposely getting blamed it's enjoyment to them 

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    If you don't want to be yelled at, stop talking so much. Doesn't matter who is right or wrong.

    If you touch a hot stove and burn your hand, was the stove "wrong"? Same thing with people .. if you do something and then they yell at you ... stop doing whatever it was that they yelled at you over.

    And never confront someone.  If you can learn how to use "I statements" you can talk without arousing opposition. But if you talk about THEM, you WILL arouse opposition.  It is that simple.

    Also that we cannot make others change. WE must change how WE are dealing with our own emotional reactions.

    You are doing everything all wrong, and that is guaranteed to just make things worse over time.

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