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How do cowboys get cowboy boots?

I am going to be a goth cowboy for Halloween. and I'm from texas so I'd say I'm quite familiar with the cowboy aesthetic. 

I was shopping for cowboy boots on amazon, and I noticed theyre all very expensive!! I even asked my family about it and they said "yeah it's  gonna be expensive" in a somewhat resigned voice.

Are all cowboys rich? Do cowboys get a discount? Is this something you save up towards- and when you finally are able to buy one, it declares you a real cowboy? 

Or am I going to have to find a way to acquire cowboy boots for little to no pay?


I've also been told "maybe itd be less expensive to find them at a physical store" but I dont think there are cowboy stores in hawaii? 

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  • 1 month ago

    Any specialty store, such as a "cowboy store" is going to have the highest prices. Maybe you can get kids' boots, in your size. They would be cheaper.  If you're from Texas, maybe go on line to shoe stores there, where boots would be common.

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