Can lower levels of energy cause decline in quality of life in younger generations?

So, first I would like to say I know this an extremely abstract topic but I can't stop thinking about it so here goes

So energy cannot be created or destroyed right? So that would mean that we have the same energy on this earth as we did when dinosaurs were around/adam and eve/etc. If that's true, then wouldn't it also be true that with the population being 100x the amount it was thousands of years ago that we'd have lower energy levels due to having to disperse energy in the population? So that would mean that the people born sooner have the least amount of energy available? 

I know it's a bit bizarre but I thought maybe this would be a reason why younger generations are more depressed than previous generations?  

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    2 months ago
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    The earth is not a closed system. It continues to receive energy from the sun every day, in the form of sunlight. That energy is captured by the land and the water and also by plants, which convert the energy into organic molecules. I heard that the youngest generation of Americans tend to be more obese and less healthy, Obesity happens when people take in more energy (in the form of food) than they use (to work and exercise). That means whatever mental problems that the younger generations may have, they have nothing to do with lack of energy. 

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