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i have quite severe anxiety and have never been on a plane before any tips?

i don’t necessarily have a fear of planes or flying, but like i said i struggle day to day with my anxiety and i can’t imagine being stuck in the air during a panic attack, i worry about the tiniest things so i will definitely be freaked out by being on the plane,  ive never been in a plane before like i said and i’m going on holiday next month. can anyone recommend anything or hopefully someone with anxiety let me know if being up in the air makes it worse? i was thinking of monging out on a xan for the whole ride but then i’m gonna feel crappy once we land and not enjoy the holiday:(?

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    Ask your doctor for something that won’t make you so zoned out. Ask the pharmacist if half a pill will work. If you can go direct to your hotel and sleep for the night, you should feel fine the next morning. And ready to go for the rest of your vacation. 

    My daughter went to therapy and learned some relaxing techniques. She also does yoga which helps too with breathing and relaxation. She just had major oral surgery done and it helped her while waiting until she was out under.   

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    Recommend consulting a doctor regarding this. The doctor may prescribe something that may have a mild tranquilizing effect (Benadryl maybe) to help you sleep through the ride. 

    Another solution is to bring something that will provide a distraction such a mobile gaming app or a book for reading.  

    Addendum: A thumbsdown... may I at least have a rebuttal?

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    One out of seven has a fear of flying. Just the way it is.

    If you really want help you ask YOUR DOCTOR .

    The solution might be a medication of some kind or maybe direction to an appropriate counsellor for your anxieties.

    There is no magic fix that works for EVERYONE.

    As a method of travel the flight is safer than your walk from the parked car to the Airport terminal.

    Your PRETEND travel in the middle of a pandemic is amazing and also a little unbelievable.

    Good Luck with treatment. Go see YOUR Doctor.

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    I have had anxiety in the plane before, but never panic attacks. It was not comfortable, but still not as bad as I thought it will be. Bottom line is you don't know the future. Having a panic attack is a possibility l, but you can't know that before getting in the airplane. Even in worst case scenario, you will not the first one who had a panic attack attack in a plane. Flight attendants have some experience dealing with that. You will probably not have a panic attack. It's never as one imagines.

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