Safe Phone Unlocking codes online? ?

So I just got scammed like an idiot trying to unlock my phone online cause the guy at carphone warehouse said it was cheaper to do it online

I knew I couldn't trust myself to do it without messing up somehow. 

What are some safe trusted cheap websites to get my three UK, Huawei P30 Lite unlocked? Or is it better to do it in person? I mean I asked at the phone shop and they said it would be 60! Which I feel like is way too expensive because I remember getting my phone unlocked before for like 15!

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    2 months ago

    Most phones can be unlocked for free by the cell phone company they are locked to assuming they are "clean\legit."    Otherwise locked phones that are not clean need to basically be hacked to unlock which varies by the specific phone model and you will need to purchase special software.  

    $60 is reasonable for someone else to do it considering it will likely take you a few hours to figure it out yourself, require software to be purchased and you do risk bricking the phone. 

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    Different phones, will have different costs to unlock. Most carriers will unlock the phone after you have been with them 90 days (in the US anyway), or if the phone has been paid off (if making monthly installments). At shops, the newer the phone, the more it tends to cost to unlock it from a carrier.

    Unlock codes are not hacks, but actual unlock codes are from the manufacturer for their phones. So the shop has to get them through the manufacturers, either individually or in bulk (batches). And no, you can't get them yourself from the manufacturer. 

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