no one ever texts me anymore and i don't know why or what i done (it's obviously my fault)?

my phone is dry everytime i turn it on. i barely even use it anymore cos when it comes to social contact nothing ever seems to change. i can't even remember the last time anyone bothered to get in touch. must have been april. it is now august fuckk sake. i have been stuck seeing or hearing from no one except my family since then and i feel like such a loser. i have had a horrible time in my life during lockdown and tried to tell people what was going on but no one replied...i seemingly had a lot of friends (texted 8 of them on a regular basis but i have more) but no one at all has texted back? i get that there's a global pandemic there's not really anything to talk about but they're supposed to be my friends. they're supposed to give a ****. my older sister's friends are still talking to her. im trying mine and getting nowhere. im asking how they are and they don't even answer? it really hurts and feels personal. i don't know what i did wrong...they never initiate it's me who texts first but i already's not for want of trying. i don't know what else i can do and this is really hurting me bad. i feel so depressed


im actually a girl. i just have that nickname cos i could talk like him when i was younger 

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  • 5 months ago

    Before you freak out and bombard them with messages, there is actually a better way around this. The old fashioned way! They're meant to be friends so surely you must know where they study or work? I mean if they're working from home obviously you can't do this, but if they are back at work, college etc. why not just go where they work and talk to them in person? One of the many many reasons texting is so **** is because of the possible misunderstandings as words don't translate well on screens. So say you think you somehow upset them via text, and that's why they won't talk to you anymore, you would be wasting months of agony when you see they won't reply to further messages. But if you took the time to sort this out face to face, it could be resolved in minutes. Yes you would need to social distance but this is obviously important to you if you feel it's giving you depression so I really do think it's worth a shot. You have nothing to lose, possibly something to gain. Maybe your friends are bored of the texting relationship between you. It's very very impersonal. So it seems like they're losing interest but in actual fact, seeing you again will likely remind them why they ever liked you in the first place. It's like seeing someone you used to love for the first time in ages, your feelings come flooding back out of nowhere. This is no different. It may actually strengthen the bond and it will definitely show that even if they don't care about you, you do them.

    Can i ask this though, do they even like to text? 

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Yeah so these people are obviously not your friends at all. True friends would never leave you hanging and questioning yourself. You really need to re evaluate your definition of this word because like I said a friend would never do what they are doing. So you are asking this question most likely because you are seemingly being ignored all 8 of them? Can't you see they are just taking you for granted? Any day now I guarantee someone will pop back up because you are a total mug who just puts up with this shitty treatment. They know this and they know you will always be there when they suddenly decide to crawl back to you. So they can come in and out whenever they please. As and when they feel like it. They can use you, and you won't bat an eyelid. It is time for you to stand the **** up to them!

    However there is a way to tell if you are being deliberately ignored, as I guess you are assuming. Do you have them on social media? If so, check if they are still on your friends or followers. If yes, then try to think of it like this. If they haven't got the heart to disconnect with me, then surely they haven't got the heart to deliberately ignore me? It may not actually be deliberate believe it or not. Things are not always as they seem, black and white. There's more to life than being in touch with people and maybe something happened in their own lives that made them shut off. No one knows for sure. If you suspect it is deliberately happening though, then I would suggest getting in touch one final time to tell them outright. Confront them! Let them see you won't let them walk all over you and string you along.

    "I see you don't reply to my messages anymore but you didn't delete me. What's all that about? If you truly want nothing more to do with me then why not just do the decent thing and delete me?" 

    If they respond, you may be pleasantly surprised! Don't give up completely, but as hard as this must be when you feel confused, try laying off. Never ever EVER under no circumstances keep sending messages. That is the worst possible thing you could do. It makes it look like you have no life besides them. It can be intimidating confronting someone, but you do deserve to know where you stand, and if indeed you did do something wrong. If you did and they say this then try your best to put things right. It doesn't matter how long ago, it is never too late to say you're sorry and it is mature. In the meantime get out of this mindset, stop blaming yourself. Switch up, try to find a new way of contacting them. They may simply be tired of texting but cba to tell you. Personally I find texting boring and lazy. Even if you never agreed to contact them any other way, a simple phone call could make their day. It might not seem like it now, but soon maybe!

    Good luck i hope this gets resolved :)

  • 5 months ago

    There could be many reasons for this. You say it's obviously your fault, but if you were to put yourself in their shoes, it could be because they're busy, they're not a good friend, they have other priorities or are unavailable, even that their phone broke, or more. Maybe try getting a job and meeting people at work. Stay busy.

    update: instead of being concerned about having lots of friends, rather find one friend who is faithful. "a man of many friends may come to ruin."

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